Some Flash Spring Physics

Finally had an excuse to make some connected springs, ala the Visual Thesaurus. This was the last of the tests before realizing that the project would be simpler.

(Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.)

Double-click a dot to add a child dot, or click and drag any dot to move it.

Some code will be on the way in a bit.


Oh yeah, this is kinda late (my how the last 7 months flew by), but here’s the actual project in action:
Lil’ Wayne’s World

Oh yeah and here’s the source for the simple spring example above (AS2):

  • Mitch

    i don’t get any sprites on stage when i publish the swf… any ideas? Also, why AS2?

  • Mitch

    nevermind, i fixed it. I changed the .as file name when trying to fix another problem.

    Question about AS2 ve AS3 still stands.

  • nilloc

    Well it’s AS2 because we had to target Flash player 8 maximum, you can also see that the performance requirements were pretty low, because there isn’t too much on the screen at any time.