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Quick Look for Actionscript (and most other c-like source-code)

Stumbled across this Quick Look plugin the other day while learning Objective-C, and while it previewed and code colored my .h and .m files, it was a bit disappointing that it didn’t work on .as files.

So not quite as simple as adding .as to the info.plist—what I’ve done is add public.archive.applesingle to the list of UTI types. This is a bit of a hack, because Adobe doesn’t export a profile UTI with .as files. So if they do start doing that someday, this may cause problems, but in the meantime, it’s the simplest way to get quicklook working for .as files.

Download Quick Look with ActionScript Plugin

Quick Look can do EPS too.

Have to find the correct version of that logo to add to flash, but don’t want to load them all in the unbelievably slow preview app, or bother loading up Illustrator only to find out the designer sent you a photoshop eps without vector data? Sorry I’m venting a bit, but this plugin really saves me time—and it’s free.
EPS Quicklook Plugin

There’s actually a whole bunch of other plugins that are helpful too (beware: the zip one is pretty slow though).
List of Quick Look Plugins for Leopard